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nervousness and possible hysterical manifestations.

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6. Number of Hours of Overtime by Service, Fiscal Years 1971 and

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Howard Chandler Christy, F. X. Leyendecker, Herbert Paus, Ellsworth

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Regular meetings for receipt of moneys the second Monday of each month.

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effect of moving objects, which we come now to mention, and

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as a resource person with emphasis being placed on the decision making function

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ginning of drunkennefs is owing to the increafed action of the

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" Report of the Streets Committee upon the Provision of Closet Accommodation for

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up carefully the details of his life and work. These

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Norton Savings and Loan Association, . . . ■ . Chartley, .

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Mothers should be instructed in the proper care of the milk and

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use of the room. We are still hopeful that a medical corpsman can be obtained

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Receipts and Disbursements during the Year ending October 31, 1914.

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of food. I have heard of two well-attefted inftances of patients

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If a perfon has a defire to be cured of the ague, and has at the

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Above prices subject to change if book publishers increase prices. If

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it has acquired a ftomach, and lungs, and glands, of iuilicient

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that their acting with fimilar or difhmilar degrees of energy,

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and that they afterwards generate others rather more perfect

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tion of vegetables in the production of their buds, hoping from

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Or, fecondly, the violent exertions above mentioned produce

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, Hence during the time of fighting with fifts or fwords no-

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death rate from this group of causes was 14.2 per 100,000, in

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against haemorrhage ; and our fear has been that from

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