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of the Emprefs of RuiTia, he faw foxes that exprefTed no fear of

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which produces the firlt feces of the infant, called meconium.

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inftigated by hunger, or by the irkfomenefs of a continued at-

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All thefe motions of the mufcles, that are thus naturally ex-

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cartoonists of the country, in the Third and other campaigns, also drew hun-

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mufcles fubfervient to maftication from their early obedience to

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throughout the entire country on the Goods and Service doctrine, urging upon

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ican people will meet a response of which the Nation will be proud."

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the irritations excited by external bodies, in confequence of the

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ne fmooth like fimple mucus, when it is diftended till it

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quiefcence of all motions, but the internal irritative ones, as

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ble of being exhaufted by fatigue, and accumulated in reft, is

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The pain of hunger excites you to look out for food, the tree,

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Regular meetings for receipt of moneys the fourth Thursday of each month.

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5. To thefe mould be added ele&ric fparks and mocks,

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grade motions of the urinary branch of the lymphatic fyflem.

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For inftance, I can conceive, if a turkey-cock mould behold a

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I have twice iztn a gouty inflammation of the liver, attended

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glands and capillaries, an i pufbed into the heart by a power prob-

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held ether to be the safer agent of the two. *' I use

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reflections leading to a modification of my original idea.

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the doctrine of fpafm it may be fufheient to reply, that in the

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tine prcscribin:: of absorptive lenses, but should con-

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before giving uroselectan. Bilateral renal calculi and

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fpawn, the Structure of the nefts of birds, their patient incuba-

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has made some excellent observations upon it, tells me

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