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at a meeting of the Belfast Medical Society, Dr. Kelso,
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ting the use of the centrifugal fast analyzer in enzyme assays. The pre-
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without any deliberation intervening ; yet is this act, as well as
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nourifhment, and they may thus poffefs a faculty of perceiving
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similar or other odors, which must be considered a manifesta-
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II. The irritative difeafes of the kidneys, pancreas, fpleen,
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paly with great exactnefs this accuftomed tune, me can bend
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remuneration likewise slender. Public health work is now a
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or may not be considered satisfactory by a Board, and
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Clinical associates in anesthesiology are deferred during three years of
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An impalpable powder of iron will be produced, which ought
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from one of the older writers, as Swift. It was a new
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are convulfive motions ; and will be explained amongft the dif-
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Service. One hundred percent of your gift will go toward maintenance costs.
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ther dimunition of his water. During the ufe of the opium he
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tion of a child's Dose and throat and the degree of inlelligenc
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panies, industrial clinics, school clinics, charitable
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By deciding in favour of their modernity, it will be likewife expect-
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tions of it j unlefs perhaps at a didance of time, fome analogous
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H. K. DE.VN, Luther Dean, C. S. Hart, M. J. :Mitchell, E. J. O'Brien, C. D. Peiece, A. E.
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our needs on the nursing units we still do not have a replacement for the
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Mr. Scott in his letters in the Bombay Courier gave the black
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appear to us, but that they arofe in the fame manner from e:;-
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pitating pulse. In the natural pulse the straight up-
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system will serve as badcvp to our present on-lijie data aoquisiticn system,
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confequence no momentum at all. From this circumftance
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thofe already mentioned upon the mufcular fibres. Thus when
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the abforption of this vifcus. The fame I fuppofe happens in
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The light's firft dawn with trembling eyelid hails, $J
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copy thereof, shall be conclusive evidence of the existence of the corporation.
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foiall vein in the hand or foot of three or four different patients,
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probably the sanguine and bilious ; the most unfavourable
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