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Board of Directors: E. P. Bostwick, J. C. Cook, J. W. Cousins, Edric Eldredgb, W. D. Eldredge,

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|,?5i. 127, ยง 2. commissioner shall exercise the powers and perform the duties now

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and either shall have remained unpaid for a period of six months from matured^'^

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as an excess of water in the blood would be all-sufficient

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that men are born in sin science confirms ; it says

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way of inftructing dumb animals is by practicing them with

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provisions of this section shall be paid by him into the treasury of the

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Charles Stanley White, M.D., F.A.C.S., Washington, D. C.

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exciting the organic ganglia ; and quick, vehement,

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Regular meetings for receipt of moneys the first Monday of each month.

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6. Two 1-hour classes on Food Sanitation were held for the entire

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infection of surprise and admiration ran with activity.

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Now the motions of an organ of fenfe are a fucceffion of con-

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5. Thefe matters are the product of an animal procefs ; they

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assigned to the Whole Body Counter Section. Assignments are differentiated

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Mofaic account of the origin of mankind, the firft dawning of

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whole furface of the body of a bright fcarlet, as in the blufli of

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currently being evaluated for its success in this role. Over 260 patients

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various conditions, are really correct or good terms ;

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as they fuckle their young, that is, as they previoufly digeft the

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milk is in many refpetrs fimilar to chyle, it may be confidered

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when it is applied to an inflamed eye. Or laftly, to alleviate

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chamber in order to get food that was placed in it if

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privately conducted and commonly known as "Baby Farms"

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number of mankind becomes increafed a thoufand fold by the

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kangaroo care is a technique designed to help quizlet

acquire pleafurable objects, or to avoid painful ones : while the

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ufed in the early ftate of nervous or putrid fevers with great

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