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    and gait training with or without assistive devices and braces.

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    motions of the retina become imperfectly exerted from defi-

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    lifestyle, or the weariness of trying to do all that one

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    fluid is present, drainage of the fluid should be done,

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    Incorporated July 31, 1913. Began business August 14, 1913.

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    prefent. Now it is probable, that the acting fibres of the ulti-

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    minute vefTels of the fkin are conftantly ftimulated by the

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    others, is the unfteadinefs of the eye of the beholder, fo that

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    On the whole, I am inclined to the belief that in the

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    doubt, because it is quite certain that he was a youth

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    this a<ft of comparing requires recollection or voluntary exertion.

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    Board of Directors: H. M. Agate, W. M. Lichtensteix, John Milne, B. H. Norwell, O. R. Sweet.

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    Why the venereal difeafe, and itch, and tinea, or fcald head,

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    12. Broad, Geo. B.: Personal Experience with Uterine Prolapse. New York Journal of Med.,

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    world generally a truly representative man. Mr. Bell

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    The chick in the egg is feen gently to move in its f unround-

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    Fig. 5. — This picture demonstrates a calculus which had been impacted in the lower third of

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    3. Earth of alum, tobacco-pipe clay, marl, Armenian bole,

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    dent and treasurer may be chosen either by the shareholders or by

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    movements of her eyes and eyelids, and of the intricate mufcles

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    remedy, can no longer be used in a spirit of doubt,

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    cupations require the mod conftant exertion of their powers,

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    in general, the methods of conducting and managing its affairs, the P- S. 117, § 20.

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    Dr. .A.^'S'.i'Wafthinrj'olf .tfte"L»iiii)efsJl!j<nof

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    in a few hours, in which the disease was contracted

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    a folution or corrofion of that metal by fome acid ; and, when

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    f American Express Employees' Credit Union, . . . 359

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    character of boarding houses. As soon as possible the child

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    Security Committee: H. H. Russell, T. L. Creely, G. F. Kendall.

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    of life. Early hours for bed are requisite, and a con-

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    The third great want amongft animals is that of fecurity,

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    the latter weeks of pregnancy require greater oxygenation.

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    Thefe two fluids of heat and of water may be efteemed the

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