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of the year. The epidemic recorded by Peart in 1802

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of the State of California, and hence the importance

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flattened hat, held up her hands, and exclaimed, " Oh !

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- Incorporates numerous cross references to parallel passages

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behoved, was always relieved by getting out of bed and

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"Remember, once you buy a prize, it's yours to keep. "

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by the commissioner, one by the trust company or bank making the

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all decompofing vegetable and animal fubftances, which are at

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the Society for the Promotion of the Hellenic Studies." London : 1887.— " Proceedings

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something less than $26,000,000,000. At the close of the war it was approxi-

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Most of the old drugs, as well as mo.-;t of the new,

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tries covered with fnow become white in winter, and are faid to

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95 real estate loans (average, $1,657.52 each; average rate, 6%): 6%, $157,465.

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the ftimulus is perpetual. In our voluntary exertions it is expe-

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ids fecreted into them ; but it is probable that thefe lymphatics

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and at length many of them were voluntarily praclifed in fuc-

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procedures for 186. Miscellaneous services, consisting of nerve blocks,

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the remedies we fwallow : in fhort, he' has left not a fentence on the

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We think the compofition of water is underflood, and inftead of be*

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use these daily doses of digitalis in patients with

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interest upon bonds so called shall cease after such date as the bank

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tion, development, and manufacture of the drug products used in the

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The beginnings of this art were far back before the

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Realizes he really is Dr. Leischner's long lost nephew, Tommy.

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Going through the danger is not foreign to the servants

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mals. V. I. Vegetable Jlruffure like that of animals y their an-

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Approximately 50,000 calls come in annually for the News Service which costs the Herald Co. $ 1 2,000

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tograpd-iic data in the identification of difficult organisms.

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12. Broad, Geo. B.: Personal Experience with Uterine Prolapse. New York Journal of Med.,

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the fame time in other cafes the ftimulus of pain or pleafure,

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presence of HAA, anti-HAA and hepatic enzyme abnormalities.

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9. Occupational Therapy Service: Patients Admitted to Occupational

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" Researches into the Etiology of Disease." By J. W. McLaughlin, M.D. Chicago : 1886.

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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 25% on series less than 2 years old; 10% on

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