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One day in my church office I prayed for her that God would

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in Liberty Bonds. The bonds were to bear 2>}4 per cent interest.

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5. Indirect debility added to direct ; as in over-feeding a familhed

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cribed the particulars from a letter of Mr. Lightwood, of Yoxal,

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menus, 8 to 10 hot food items and 4-0 to 53 cold food items were prepared

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impressed with the lesson, until I met with a dii'ect

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less ; the kindest wish of his friends for him must be

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Beyond, Father could see that the village was just beginning

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Autobiographv of the Tri-State, R. E. Hughes ..„.

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not accurately correfpond with his own names of them.

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felves in attempting to explain the laws of life by thofe

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