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*Read by title before the Association of American Physicians, Atlantic City, N. J., May 8, 1929.

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Tital part of the air, called oxygene, through the membranes of

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flance was the barrier between the brute and the human world.

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William K. Corey, President. Charles E. Valentine, Treasurer.

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to receive technical training in the handling of respiratory equipment and

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that such an opinion evinces gross ignorance of the

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Environmental Health Association held in Portland, Oregon.

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in nearly every case the endorser was of no financial responsibility.

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Bene marrow data is currently reported en a standcurd oonrputer form, but

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painful fenfation in confequence of internal ftimuli ; and the

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and that they afterwards generate others rather more perfect

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10) no change of clothing on leaving work. Each poison

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greater certainty when given in a morning, if an opiate had

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Baker Foundation, Boston; Institute for Juvenile Research, Chicago, and other

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of London." Vol. V. London : Shaw & Sons. 1887. — " Report of the Commissioner

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And in the woods about Senegal there is a bird called uett-

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conduct may be eliminated. For this purpose their licensure

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A curious analogical circumftance attending hermaphrodite

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irregularity thus mentioned is often singularly per-

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ether it might be administered with either of these agents ;

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hypersensitivity based on the elution of radioactive chromium

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to produce such a series of results, and this indeed is

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slight discomfort in the majority of patients. It is

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Daniel Proulx, President. Pierre Bonvouloir, Treasurer.

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and cyanide. Industrial poisonings usually occur because the

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disease, and trusting to it alone, I have never seen per-

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solidation, and if two thirds or more of the shareholders of each of said

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VI. A certain quantity of fenfation produces defire or aver-

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a. A large number of special and involved double-blind studies were

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) Tri-Stalp Medical Assncialion of the Carolinas and Virginia

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game (which they didn't), and remaining one of the top

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to the base of the next. In the natural pulse the first

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in perpetual danger of this occurrence. If a little blood

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stead of nourishing it; for they not only retard the

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tion, when we weep at a diftrefsful tale, by its aflbciation with

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