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The following year he published from the same place

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to see that thi' mere accumulation of statistics witli-

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plumula or leaf at its fummit, of a long caudex extending from

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65 share loans (average, $216 each; average rate, 5.02%); 5%, $11,625; 6%, $255.

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place, York, for a short stay, and thence to a certain

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of evidence that would coimect it with impure water,

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The same results were caused by a still higher tempera-

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development in the blood of the animal of an excessive

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supervision of veteran missionary Solon Hoyt. The sanctu-

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fions, and that which is the moft interefling at length prevails,

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The first inhalations of ether in this country were

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rules and upon special forms (Fig. 127), to designated officials.

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beinc acted upon is termed excitability, and the agents are all denom-

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shares standing in the name of the borrower, and secured by a mortgage

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Elected 1923 — Presided at Greenville Meeting 1924

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Workers, Washington, D. C. , October 24-27, 1971, "Human Sexuality:

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medical siibjects, supervision, and equal employment opportunity. Of particular

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This year tsfjo additional t^ts, creatinine and uric acid, were placed

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ftitution, opium in appropriate dofes fupplies the defect: ; and

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Board of Directors: J. A. Bbogan, T. J. Buckley, C. J. Corcoran, M. A. Cregg, J. W. Cullinane,

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and that thofe, which are {een in the femen by microfcopes, are

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Pcver in Charleston, Intermittent Fever, Rubus Pro-

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Radiopharmacy, Lawrence E. Gustafson, at the University of Southern Cali-

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grandparent, who lived at a village a few miles away.

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nausea and chilliness. Suffocation will occur in an atmosphere

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thefe animals are obliged to make ufe of this refource, and fleep

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ing the spaciousness and conveniences of the Bureau's

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adequate coverage on all tours of duty as equitably as possible.

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