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produced by fear, where no external cold or preflure are applied.

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motions of the urinary lymphatics. Medic. Obfervat. and

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production beaded by Mr. David L. Rcigerson of tlie laboratory of Mutritiai

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Thus it can be seen that these distinctions have not been made

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ed fimply from irritation, becaufe cold and darknefs are negative

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George W. Pickeeing, President. Albert C. Mackintire, Treasurer.

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Rhode Island $38,983,100; South Carolina $17,921,750; South Dakota $12,-

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Persons, Partnerships, Associations or Corporations Subject

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Gina Dado 4, 9, 38, 57, 65, 69, 129, Pat Hsu 11, 16, 40, 62, 66, 132, 1

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paffes from the arterial to the venal fyftem, and which corref-

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