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3. Symptomatology of Lead Poisoning.— Females and young

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from &n asymptomatic carrier. Ann Intern. Med . In press.

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difeafe is generally produced by fermented or fpirituous liquors,

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be inhaled from the mouthpiece. The compound of gas

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Eugenics is the science of the improvement of the human

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health methods is the fact that existing legislation is fre-

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National Bureau of Standards at NBS, October 30, 1971

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cranial floor as a cause of olfactory dysfunction. The localization of

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to the people of our Grace Brethren Church in this our oldest

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projects was accomplished as a necessary method of meeting emergency demands.

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Incorporated October 30, 1889. Began business November 14, 1889.

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public health officer tells me that in his particular

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Dates of Examination and Audit, May 18-29 inclusive.

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admitted that he had never performed the operation,

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providing emergency and other health services at the Poolesville Farm was

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body lost its sensibility. This led him to make the

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!' "real estate or dies. Only asmall 'propor^tion ' those effective in Virginia; which, with tts,

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deposited for safekeeping with these bankers. The depositors are

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adding the initials of their names to the tail of their

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bright red rash, the throat sore, and the tongue of

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