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    anatomy by dissection it would be dijQ&cult for him to
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    medicine, it was necessary that the indigenous remedies-
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    I therefore froze the skin thoroughly over the whole of
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    fatal to repose. In a lesser degree, and with irritable
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    4. We were able to send seven head nurses and three senior staff nurses to
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    April 6, 1917, the problem of financing the countr>''s share in the struggle
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    the healing of other ulcers by their external application ; and
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    female parent, is (hewn in the production of a kind of milk in
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    and in keeping the fluid secretions in active operation.
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    ing for a new direction for my life. One of the people
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    Harding, J. D. Henderson, B. E. Holland, A. M. Johnson, G. W. Jtjdkins, G. A. C. Knight,
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    without such knowledge as it affords to rest upon, there
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    tutes for nearly all that was left to medicinal " skill "
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    amount of maintenance work to keep it functicning. We are proposing to
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    for actual organization of women in their states, the latter serving as represen-
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    was easily foreseen, by the accumulation in the blood of
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