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    their healthy differs from their morbid flate, nor by what means the
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    flimulating quality. But it is more probable, that frefh flefh
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    by decreafing the gravity of the particles of the blood, cannot af-
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    philofophically analagous to them ; and thefe are the two great
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    *ad indeed all we know both phifiologically and medically con-
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    a repetition of the disease in those who have passed
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    Osteomylitis, Acute, The Diagnosis of, D. M. Faulkner .._ 105
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    of the sufi'erers brought to the operating table. Some
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    diseases. He advanced, on this occasion, the idea that
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    1856, Dr. Clutterbuck came to his last meeting, and to
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    work, I fhould fay, that the animal appetencies, are not only per-
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    pertinacious abftinence from fluids has been recommended, a*
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    and in dying animals. The ihartnefs of the intervals between
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    their various combinations, as well as the time of their duration
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    purulent, mucous, or bloody fediments, depend on other caufes.
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    in the uterus or egg, and therefore wifhed it to be formed before
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    Urology, Pediatrics, X-Ray and Radium, Physiotherapy, Clinical Laboratories
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    grains, be fwallowed, and within one or two days a cathartic is
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    lel shadings indicate the size of the gland as a whole.
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    about four hundred and fifty times annually, taking
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    brought, by the skill, the patience, the courage, and
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    the fingular figure of the brain and nervous fyitem feems well

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