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Elected 1901 — Presided at Asheville Meeting 1902
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transferred to the Nursing Department. CSSS, however, continued
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at perfect reft during our waking hours, thefe irritative ideas of
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l)ri)ci s.-, .Apprehensive, tense, and agitated states
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•the moon, than of thofe which commence at thofe times ? Are
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continues cool even in the focus of the largefl burning-glafies,
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Unmixed pleafure lefs than that, which caufes laughter, caufes
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of the bladder diverticula but had revealed nothing
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common salt is usually taken. In this manner a hundred
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by this purifying fire ? She went to work without hesi-
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will possess four determiners for each character and so the num-
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thought we were going into town to preach." Francis responded,
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XI. There are many articles of knowledge, which the ani-
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$48,186,850; North Dakota $21,657,450; Ohio $384,864,300; Oklahoma $48,-
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Another circumftance, which fometimes awakes people foert
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Security Committee: R. B. Ward, Webster Smith, F. H. White.
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and with thefe fenfitive motions are afibciated the actions of the
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Paul H. Ringer, M.D Asheville, N. C Internal Medicine
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fnow, it would feem, that that action of the retina, which is
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lization of personnel which requires continuous training classes in order
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his works : ** The Dissertation on Coins, Weights, and
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the identification of crystals found in patients receiving high
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~krk was exhibited, and the opium continued with fome wine ;
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tion of caustic styptics ; neither is it strongly in favour
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properly a viviparous progeny, as they are not preceded by feeds,
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viously ufed. On this feems to have been founded the fuccefs-
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time of copulation, or of the fecretion of the femen ; and that"
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of a peculiar kind, a general alarm is excited, and he is faid to
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my own ; but he adds that it may be used as an ointment

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