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Maximum number of shares which may be held by any one member .

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^•ii^VLihj:' Even those who. have' abaiidance '^en- iiagei'reckl'e5Sg6ing into debt for Fords, radios,

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Date of annual meeting fixed by the by-laws ..... Unknown.

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are detained in quarantine for the period designated in the regu-

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heart physicians designated by Clinical Director, NHLI, as respon-

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On this account I earneftly entreated her to allow the found mo-

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Anna Freud. Gesell and Ilg provided rich source of behavioral concomitants,

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the teftes, are as fine as thofe of the retina ; and that they are

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4. Afparagus, garlic, wild daucus. Parfley, apium. Fen-

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C My association with the Herald is about 28 years,

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of their apertures, purulent matters are fecreted of various kinds ;

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customs and conventions, the bete noir of foreigners,

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One step more, and out of the half true ideas which

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The infectious material does not feem to be diffolved by the ai.r r

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of science or of art, begin from the first in a simple mode

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of physic. In the two volumes under notice, he supplies-

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fine, not exceeding two per cent a month on each dollar in arrears, as igge,' 285.' '

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fetus were diftended into the man ; whereas they have increafed

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J. EvELETH Griffith, President. Nathaniel Wheeler, Treasurer.

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Receipts and Disbursements during the Year ending October 31, 1914.

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becaufe much fenforial power, which during the day was ex-

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Your Throat Protection — against irritction — against cough

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650; Kansas City $150,125,750; Dallas $77,899,850; San Francisco $292,671,-

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Zierdt was almost completed by year's end. It v/as necessary to repeat most

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who was thought to have had the fmall-pox, but his parents were

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be elected annuallv to serve three vears. The President and the Secretary shall be

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1. NCI - extensive excision procedures for treatment of cancer,

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The Martin, hirundo urbica, is faid by Linnaeus to dwell on

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OR Suites, 6 West patient area. Nurse storeroom. Central Sterile Supply,

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2. There are many motions of the body, belonging to the ir-

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Rate of dividends paid upon shares during year ....

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in the thousand, with a saving of sickness during that

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coulcl not account for ; at laft me fuddenly burll into tears ; for

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eral!'/ underftood by the word fympathy fo well explained by Dr.

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Artificial heating is usually with dry air. The capacity of win-

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enated trains and circles of action, which form the tenor of our

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acquire the property of fexual reproduction ; and probably in-

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