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    nal objects, and only vary in their combinations or feparations,
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    the temperature high, there is danger from the over-
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    2. Any acrid drug, as pyrethrum, held in the mouth acts as
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    but on opening the eyes on the Iky, the yellow fpectrum is im-
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    er purgative. Hence 4 grains of rhubarb fcrengthen the bow-
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    tissue in which it lay. .^ circular incision was then
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    portion inverfely as the diftance, but in mufcular motion there
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    1 8 ounces by lleeping in a cool room after a day's exercife and
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    feci others. Cafes of children thus inoculated. The variolous con-
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    flept together, and have thus much received each other's breath*
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    V. After the blood has palled thefe glands and capillaries,
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    there would be no necessity to send our sick people, who
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    churches to plant churches. We presently have three
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    20. Watkins, T. G.: American Jour, of Obst., 15:420-423, 1899.
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    the {tomach and cefophagus are inverted, the pulfations of the
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    Birth Registration: an aid in protecting the lives and rights of children.
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    great artist and an accomplished but not a great man
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    Pediatrics, University of Minnesota; Paul W. Giess-
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    tinue fome time after they art excited. drcumflances of turning
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    tween the radicles and the root-leaves, as in the bulbs of tulips
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    This aftonifhing difeafe, after the ufe of many other medi-
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    ment, regarding the class in which the life may be placed,
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    filk, about four inches in diameter, in the funfhine ; cover the
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    have in this essay an admirable sketch of the capillary
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    in the formation of both which difeafes, there can be no doubt,
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    tion, are feldom perfect copies of their correfpondent percep-
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    feems to move downwards. This has given rife to various
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    fenfation recurs, rifes before you in imagination 5 and that with
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    fometimes one way, and fometimes another, yet the rolling of
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    Therefore, its use should be encouraged to complete
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    he had nothing to document his claim. In desperation he
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    standardized death rate it is desired to obtain (Table XII).
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    leadership training, ladies' Bible study, men's groups,
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    led me to follow out the subject, and, from a rigid
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    21. — Makes feventeen pints of water ; has twitchings of his
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    expected, it came on with regularity. It occurred almost
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    er kinds of animal motion by the particles of fapid and odorous
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    Richard Pinksohn, M. J. Sawyer, I. W. Shapira, Gabriel Stabile.

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