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It has been suggested that the region of the hippocampus is rich in zinc

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production of acute inflammation of the serous surfaces,

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Critical review of this service however revealed that this weekend coverage

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ideas, have ferioufly doubted the exiflence of a material world,

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b) The device is virtually completely noiseless, c) It is extresmely

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L. S. Ramsdell, Thomas Swasey, Richard Tutt, Elias White, Jr.

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Statland, B. E. : Recent ^periences with Alkaline Phosphatase and LDH Assays

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Theie habits are liable to intermittent fevers, hyfteric paroxyfms,

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in which the matter of heat is given out from the fecreted fluids.

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tion and compute the number of deaths that would have occurred

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If this mode of reafcning be juft it explains a curious fact,

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the stomach and rectum, or urine decomposing on the clothing.

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should never stop with plain x-ray when we have reason to feel that there is any possible chance

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4. Eight educational staff meetings were held for professional staff.

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5 hours in 263 procedures (23 percent) and 6 hours in 188 operations

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a part of the atmosphere and which combined with other

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pheric moifture, drunk up by the cutaneous and pulmonary lym-

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simple, but it gives a good idea of the genial and gentle

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table which is below and before you. You perceive there

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thefe kinds of formative particles are depofited beneath the cu-

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of catenation ; and combine or feparate them voluntarily for the

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one half will have the recessive character in duplex and will

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consulting with other staff personnel, exchanging information at the

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host the family gathering on this occasion. When her six-

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5. The fhoals of herrings, cods, haddocks, and other fifh,

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