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fo profufe, that all her bed-clothes were not only moiftened,
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order sheet. In the past, the doctor refused to rewrite the order
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19 real estate loans (average, $1,915.79 each; average rate, 6%): 6%, $36,400.
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na is an extremity of a nerve of fenfation ; as for inftance one
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5. Of turning round on one foot. Dervifes in Turkey. Atten-
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ticemia. This is important, for of the above causes puerperal
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I. Mufcles excited by volition foon ceafe to contracl, or by fenfathn 9
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him a fee of ten cents for each one thousand dollars of assets as shown
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attended with debility, which is greater than in fevers attended
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teries and veins are fpread in fine reticulation on the fides of
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The bufinefs of generation depends fo much on agreeable fen-
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, not onlv in the axilla of the leaf, which is moft common,
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nutritive functions, reproductive activity, smooth muscle
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of tafte and fmell, and by the particles of fapid and odorous
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The rays of light excite the retina into animal motion by their
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production of fome peculiar monfters. Such, for inflance, as
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is of great service to the operator ; and there is a third
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taken it four times *, a continued ficknefs fupervened, with fre-
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Incorporated April 8, 1897. Began business May 12, 1897.
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to set forth the assured or alleged results of physical
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fore the plant feemed fenfible of the injury ; and then the whole
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which, in so far as the fame of his originality was
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which was drawn from thefe patients, and the obftructed liver,
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zations, and improve by addition of new parts, as of fins, mouth,
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(a) Census Bureau, Department of Commerce. The Cen-
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great centres of nervous matter, the brain and spinal
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That pleafing picture of objects, reprefented in miniature on
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the mod: effectual times of exhibiting the proper medicines are
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Ascaris and Necator Infestations in the Human, A. C. Norfleet
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nigh reached perfection. Any of the types of water flush
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John T. Burrus, M.D., F.A.C.S., Chief Everett F. Long, M.D.
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stance daily renewed from without, and dependent on

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