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arteriovenous malformations were carried out. The pre-operative program

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sustaining action of oxygen within the living organism.

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cost, were furnished free of charge to the theatres and were exhibited as part

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in fevers ; whereas the locomotive mufcles, which act only by

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There was considerable increase in the number of disability retirement exami-

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Maximum amount which may be loaned to any one member . Not determined.

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survived in tiie last tliree or foiar years on tlie use of residents as senior

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forial power of aflbciation by the weaker action of the heart and

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rethrum, anthemis pyrethrum, tobacco, cloves, pepper,

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Eespiratione. Tertius De Eespiratione Fcetus m utero et

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covery so great and lasting that it claimed priority over

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important. During the day moderate outdoor exercise,

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ftitute certain hereditary difeafes, as fcrofula, epilepfy, infanity,

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fiscal year 1972. Most of the increase was realized from service rendered

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freedom that few countries enjoy. Virtually everyone

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precedes for many hours the extinction of the irritative motions.

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now extant I do not believe such a business would be

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with impervious materials as gutta-percha or rubber

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known to chemists as the nitrite of amyl, produces,

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prior to the entrance of the United States into the European war, neither owned

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a bruise, with neither swelling nor hardness. The erup-

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The first is ^ ^gallium citrate, which detects occult neoplasia and is

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the patient often viewed them as samples of a good experience to come. Also

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spite of it; and he concludes that its occa- 90 per cent success.

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that were given to them. There is a map of diseases

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