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internal irritations, have proper names conferred upon them, as
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adoption of by-laws and by the election, in such manner as the by-
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a contraction of the arm is produced by palling the electric fluid
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example, there was a provision in the Boy Scout Manual issued by the Treasury
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clinical trial we have undertaken, the study proved to be both an exciting and
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" Employment and Treatment of Mental Diseases in the Upper Classes " (Lewes : 1882),
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comments which have been passed on him, that while he
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Urology, Pediatrics, X-Ray and Radium, Physiotherapy, Clinical Laboratories
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presage. After middle life it is less important than before.
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Incorporated June 29, 1914. Began business July 20, 1914.
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dreds of special cartoons, some of which are reproduced in this book, which
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