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Manchester, N. H., Montdair, N. J., and Brockton, Mass., published separately
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where it is arrefhed, but does not feem to affect: the blood-veffels,
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we feel a general glow of delight, which feems to influence all
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Hill, O. E. Howe, A. C. Lamson, Herman Lemay, J. F. J. Otterson, D. W. Powers, F. W.
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in a folution of particles fimilar to thofe, which compofe it ;
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any milk in their lives, except what little they can
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«* the world they compofe and inhabit. They continue to propagate
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but the appUcation may be renewed after one year from the date of
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of warm water, and forcibly torn in a few places ; the edges of
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and loaning to them such accumulations in the manner of a co-opera- igge', 286.
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the egg isa (till ftronger or more nutritive fluid, which is drawn
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Practical Bacteriology (by E. M. Crookshank). Review .... 187
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6M%. $350; 6^%, $50; 614%, $1,400; 65^%, $100; 6^%. $850; 7%%, $50; 7J^%, $500; 9%, $350.
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and Food League." London: 1887. — " Twenty -eighth Annual Report of the Society
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ment. Epidural anesthesia lends itself more readily
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I. Of the fenfe of touch. Offolidity. 2. Of figure. Motion.
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which occurs most readily when the vessels are con-
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Thus, on going into a very cold bath, fuppofe at 33 degrees'
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conteft amongft the males feems to be, that the ftrongef}: and
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beinq generated each month. Ihera does not appear to be any likelihood of
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L. B. Crockett, President. William H. Clements, Treasurer.
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return of the growth, although eight years have passed
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image of the blazing candle will continue diftinclly to be vifible.
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have their motions inverted in conference of the previous ex-
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ity. She ufed a hot-bath every other day of 96 degrees of heat
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so as to become, in all their natural beauty, gardens of
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me, he could fo far increafe the periftaitic motion of his bowels

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