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4. Dr. Kent Pearson conducted studies of the roentgenographic aspects of

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commissioner a report in such form as he may prescribe, signed by the

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February, March, and April in such a palace of health.

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As a result of dose restrictions placed on the irradiation of normal

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crowd in front of the New \'orl< su'i treasury-.

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refiding in the head and fpine, and in the trunks of the nerves.

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was not wise therefore to adhere to the prescription.

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maid as eafdy and as diftinctly as of a woman. Add to this,

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other diseases of the respiratory organs are rather

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5-fluorocytogine, T^ost-trea-cr.^ent isolates were not studied..

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When, exceptionally, it is not so exclusive, it is, even

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diameter ; and the centre of this with a circle of indigo, about

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Incorporated August 21, 1890. Began business September 10, 1890.

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sewer waste disposal exceptions as listed in the Radiation Safety Guide.

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large winter palace of glass were erected in Bath, and

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tetics, for doctrines which the Academy, the Porch, and the Ly-

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was stable for approximately 24 hours in the varying concentrations

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are inattentive to time and place ? and do not diftinguifh this

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