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Kansas City — J. Z. Miller, Governor; J. L. Cross, Executive Manager
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The expanded use of the computer for nursing unit routines in FY 1972 led us
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accepted. The total number of subscribers was in excess of 9,400,000.
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Stoelting, R. K. : The effect of nitrous oxide on halothane output from
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became weak, with difficulty of breathing, and dry cough. In
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the bees of Senegal, which differ from thofe of Europe only in
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Schneider. The funeral was April 10, 1993. Dan Gil-
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presage. After middle life it is less important than before.
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tioner I in dentistry] is willing to adopt a method
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graceful and powerful ; the voice is full and resonant, the
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er combinations and cohefions of matter, as in cryftalization or
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