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blood, which is probably difcharged from the veins of the intef-
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of Selbourn, p. 59. Can the fkilful change of architecture in
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Members of the Department of Spiritual Ministry had numerous contacts with
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drinking of large quantities of water. ' Only liquid
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for a long time. The chaplain prayed for me, and I felt better. After he
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I. Air is man's immediate environment and in relation to
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transformation in a small number of patients recovering from
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due to the non- recurrent character of the disease after
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ever, when the concretions of bile, or the ftone in the urinary
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Maximum number of shares which may be held by any one member
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long been skeptical about its truth. Sweating caused
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public and systematic registration of births and deaths,
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fore they take it into their mouths, and by the tafte before they
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sea, a kind of small temple. You enter it in darkness,
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would rather have been the author of that blank sheet
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He had a patience that was inexhaustible, a devotion
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the afthenic clafs of difeafes. Taught by experience and obfer-
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University of Minnesota , Minneapolis, Minnesota, May, 1972.
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thofe movements of the fyftem, which are generally only actu-
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loofely united, when applied to ignited carbon ; as of the acid
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with jaundice ; the patients after a few days were both of them
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I was created of crinkly parchment, sacred oath and solemn obligation. For scores of

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