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    The exiflence of our own bodies, and of their folidity, and of

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    ment ; and that the volumes of diagnoftics, and the endlefs diftinc-

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    then reft many weeks without food, fuipended in the air, buried

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    1. Irritative motions. That exertion or change of the fenfo-

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    terized by the growth and developement of the principles of

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    the great energy of the moving organs arifes from an increafe of

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    took fome blood from a vein in the arm of a perfon who had

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    The goals of Operations Section during Fiscal Year 1972 were an extension of

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    rhubarb. They promote perfpiration, if the fkin be kept warm ;

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    the vulgar unfortunately take it to prevent. The mucus, which

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    Center must change its present policy of distributing investigational

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    is diftributed to every part of the body. Thofe nerves, which

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    tic exanthemata, wherein he fays, a high degree of excitement pro-

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    found in the hollows of rocks on the fea coafts, and even under

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    patient under my care, affords additional evidence,

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    ing suit and discarding masks and caps while actually

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    J. Frank Wellington, President. Daniel S. Faenum, Treasurer.

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    office: now, therefore, I (the name of the secretary), secretary of the com-

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    ."Xmcricans and that we should learn their language.

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    Cross — a hundred and one worthy war-time causes were helped immeasurably

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    In fome of the unfortunate patients I have obferved, the pain,

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    fections on ileep and reverie, whilft thofe paflions which are un-

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    then the middle area, and laftly the central one ; and then the

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    tive. Drowning, fufTocation, fcurvy, (lone, dyfentery, peftilence, ulcers

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    In thefe fenfitive fevers with flrong pulfe (or inflammations)

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    There are fome parts of a horfe, which he cannot conveni-

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    are vifible to the eye ; as well as the caucus matter, which ce-

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    reiterations of a dance. To the facility and diftinctnefs, with.

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    Board of Directors: Abraham Clark, Samuel Goodman, John Harris, Joseph Lieb, A. G. Parker,

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    an immense number of cases, the inference to which it

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